Still more opinions

I saw a hematologist, Dr. Rosove at UCLA who was recommended by Dr. Stein, to check out the blood clotting issues. He ran the anticardiolipin antibody test again. It was negative.

So…wtf? Do I have it or not? Is Dr. Stricker’s test more sensitive? Or just wrong? I tend to lean towards the latter considering the screen was negative when I had it done in December.

He also said the fact that I am homozygous for the MTHFR gene mutation means nothing. He is also totally opposed to Dr. Stricker’s protocol.

Well, one last opinion will be obtained from another OB that we are consulting with. I am just not comfortable with Dr. D. First, he’s a he and I just don’t feel like he has any idea what I’m going through. Second, I sort of want a fresh start. My husband really liked Dr. D. so he’s a little upset, but I’m sure he’ll like Dr. Park at Good Samaritan just as much. So we have an appointment with Dr. Park on June 23rd where we will undoubtedly get yet another opinion on all of this stuff. I think that will be enough opinions.

I was perfectly healthy just a couple months ago. Now I have Lyme disease, Hashimoto’s disease, gene mutations and blood clotting disorders. It’s amazing what a few tests will do to a person.