We flew up to San Jose this weekend to meet with Dr. Harris’s physician’s assistant, Yvonne, at Pacific Frontier Medical Group in Redwood City. Our appointment lasted over 90 minutes. Yvonne explained my test results to us, stating that I definitely have active Lyme disease. We went over all of my symptoms, she drew some more blood to test for “co-infections” which you can also have when you have Lyme, and she prescribed a course of antibiotics and probiotics.

Yvonne said that if I do not have any co-infections, we can try to conceive right away…the antibiotics she has prescribed are Class B and it’s ok to take when you are pregnant. In fact, even if I were to wait until symptoms resolve and I feel “cured” she would still likely prescribe a course of antibiotics during the entire pregnancy to prevent transmission of disease to the baby. So unless I have a co-infection (which we’ll find out about in the next 2 weeks) we’re back in action!

I have a follow-up appointment in 4 weeks in their Malibu office (which they occupy only one weekend per month) with another doctor. In the meantime, I will start the antibiotics and also will have the appointment with Dr. P (the prospective new OB). I really really really hope the treatment works because I can’t imagine caring for a baby/toddler while I feel this way (which, if I haven’t already said, is like a 75 year old).

In an extremely interesting turn of events, my husband may also have Lyme and/or a co-infection. He has all of the symptoms. They drew his blood also and we’ll have the results back in 2 weeks. It’s possible that together we are the perfect Lyme storm, passing disease back and forth (which is not proven, but believed possible). “What’s the secret to your marriage?” “We used to make each other sick, but we saw a doctor and got rid of it.”

By the way, there is a bird’s nest right outside my window. I watched daddy Mockingbird build the nest, mama Mockingbird finish it up, and now I can hear baby Mockingbird calling for food when mama arrives with a treat. It’s very sweet and makes me feel optimistic.