A New Day

I am back from my hiatus and ready to start again. A few things happened at once to inspire me…I had a dream that I gave birth without knowing I was pregnant (yes, I was one of those girls) and I was so elated; our good friends just got pregnant through IVF; we moved to a house that is in a great neighborhood with great schools; and I learned that you can freeze eggs instead of embryos. So, we are going for it.


The idea is that at my “advanced maternal age,” we have a better chance of a “live birth” when we have more eggs to choose from. Hopefully, the reason I haven’t been able to hold a pregnancy is due to egg quality. IVF will increase my odds.

FSH – 7.5; Follicles – 9 in one, 14 in the other; uterus – lookin’ good.

The only problem at the moment is my inability to absorb vitamins. The antibiotics wreaked havoc with my insides and I have no good bacteria left in my belly or my intestines. I’m a mess. So I started a liver cleanse called Core Restore that is supposed to put me in tip-top shape. However, at the moment, I am exhausted and have a headache (only day 3 of a 14 day program) which is expected. Allegedly, in theory, I should be feeling awesome in 4 days.

Bought all the IVF drugs which I’m supposed to start taking on or about November 3rd. Just in time for our first vacation in a year up to Ojai (what is it with me and vacations?) Excavation approximately 11/14. Implantation approximately 11/17.

One day at a time.