More Waiting

So I thought I would just go pick up the antibiotics, start taking them, and within two weeks we would be able to ttc again.

I was wrong.

I have to see a lyme specialist. There aren’t many in California. There aren’t any in Los Angeles. Strangely, Dr. Stricker is the expert in California but he is in San Francisco. Wanting to get the antibiotics going as quickly as possible, I called to make an appointment…maybe we could go up this Friday, get things moving quickly enough to ttc next cycle.

First available appointment is August 19th. Plus there are more blood tests, more waiting for blood test results, and then more waiting while I take the antibiotics. Forget next cycle, forget the next 3 cycles. Doesn’t he realize that every month that passes my chances of having a “live birth” drastically decrease? I tried to explain that to the person who I was making the appointment with. She said she would let me know if there is a cancellation.

Such a huge setback. I’m so discouraged.