Good News and Bad News

The good news is…I think my hair has stopped falling out since I switched to the brand name synthroid (instead of the generic).

The bad news is…after this first time back in the saddle, I’m not pregnant 🙁 Also, Blue Shield will only cover one month’s supply of Lovenox every three months. Which means I have to buy Lovenox at full price for two months. Which means about $400 per month. Also, my lyme doctor’s office took three weeks to get back to me about making a follow up appointment. They are only in Malibu one weekend a month, otherwise they are up North in Redwood City. I was supposed to have an appointment in August, but those are all full now. My appointment can’t be until September, and the weekend conflicts with the Avon Breast Cancer Walk which I have volunteered to crew. So do I leave the Walk early to go to my 4pm Sunday appointment? Or do I take two days off of work to drive all the way up to Redwood City? Or do I skip the appointment and see them in October, risking that they’ll refuse to refill my antibiotics unless I see them earlier? All crap choices.

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ahhh, life…and in particular, baby making life. i wish there was something i could say to make it all make sense but i don’t know what that would be. hopefully, some day, we’ll be able to make sense of it all…in the meantime, know that i am thinking of you.

xx megan

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