Back from pain

No posts for a while because I was recuperating. Had the surgery, it went well. Had absolutely no pain whatsoever from Wednesday through Saturday so I decided (stupidly) to go out on Saturday night. Went to a gallery opening and a pumpkin carving party. I paid for it all on Sunday. Went to work for a half day on Monday. Came home, took my first pain pill, and got sick. Now I’m in pain and I’m throwing up. Tuesday, went to work half day, got a new prescription, came home, ATE something then took the medication. Ahhhhh, sweet relief. Had physical therapy on Wednesday which put me back a few days, lots of pain. Had my follow up with the doc Friday morning and ever since I’ve been feeling great. He said he fixed everything and I should be off crutches by this Wednesday. Well, I was actually off of them yesterday, so I’m ahead of the game.

During the pre-surgery prep, the nurse asked if I was pregnant. “Uh…no.” She made me take a pee test just to make sure.

Now it’s time to think about the shoulder….